Recycling Empty Containers

As part of its commitment to sustainable agriculture and responsible environmental management, Farmers Agri-Care has a working arrangement with Ecosystems Recycling, a KZN-based plastic recycler, approved by AVCASA.

Ecosystems Recycling is based in Empangeni. They will collect empty plastic containers from anywhere in KZN, provided they have been correctly triple-rinsed according to the process shown in the diagram.

Farmers need to introduce two simple steps into their spraying operations in order to commit to responsible recycling:

  1. Triple rinse all containers. This is essential, and must become a standard procedure.
  2. Store these clean empties for collection by Ecosystems Recycling. Once farmers have accumulated 800 containers, they can be collected by Peter Bannock of Ecosystems Recycling: Call him directly at 082 556 0838, or during office hours at 035 787 0507 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

To help farmers manage empty containers and obsolete pesticides, there are 3 links on AVCASA’s website:

  1. A list of approved recyclers of empty plastic containers
  2. Guidelines for the disposal of empty plastic containers
  3. Guideline for the disposal of obsolete pesticides.